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Introducing Our Team: Trust Accounting

The Trust Accounting team at FM Financial is responsible for administering and investing all charitable trusts, endowments, and non-profit managed accounts. This includes processing contributions, payments, statements, and tax reporting. They also make sure all charitable contributions are processed correctly and distributed to the designated ministry(ies).

Joe Crupper has been with FM Financial since 1999, with roles in accounting and investment operations. He now serves as Chief Trust Officer and Investment Manager. Joe graduated from Spring Arbor University with his bachelor’s degree in accounting in 1999 and is a licensed CPA and CGMA (Chartered Global Management Accountant). He has served his alma mater as an adjunct instructor and as a member of the Alumni Board. Joe also serves his church in various roles, such as Worship Team Leader and chair of the Leadership Team. Joe enjoys watching his football teams win (hopefully!) in the fall.

Sheila Nunthoolall has served at FM Financial since 2004 in various capacities. She is currently the Manager of Trust Administration and appreciates interaction with clients and her colleagues. She is a graduate of Spring Arbor University with a bachelor's degree in communications and a Master of Arts in Organizational Management (MAOM®). Sheila has recently discovered the practice of Lectio Divinia and wonders how she ever lived without it. She loves everything that encompasses life and believes each day is a gift. She appreciates a good conversation with her husband, Ed, as they walk the beautiful roads and trails in Spring Arbor where they currently reside.

Laurie Frisbie has served at FM Financial since 2005 with roles in accounting and trust administration. She is currently the Trust Tax and Accounting Administrator. She is directly involved in handling incoming charitable gifts and reporting to the charitable organizations they benefit. She also works with our clients regarding the tax reporting that we provide to them. Laurie has over 30 years of experience in the tax, accounting, and trust administration fields. She lives in Potterville, Michigan, with her husband, Don. Laurie enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and camping in Northern Michigan whenever there is an opportunity.

Joe Crupper Sheila Nunthoolall Laurie Frisbie



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