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Letter from Our President: Free Methodist Investment and Loan Fund

Many of you have used FM Financial’s planning, investing, and giving services. But you may not be aware that we also offer loan services to Free Methodist churches and ministries through the Free Methodist Investment and Loan Fund.


The premise of the fund is really quite simple. As friends of the Free Methodist Church invest in the fund and receive a fixed rate of return, the fund provides loans at reasonable rates. Since its inception in 1956 (as the Church Extension Loan Fund), numerous Free Methodist churches and ministries have been assisted with loans. FM Financial took over operation of the loan fund in 1992. We currently have 1100 investor relationships and service 144 loans. You can click here to meet the Free Methodist Investment and Loan Fund client services team.


Ministries have unique needs when it comes to loans. While standard banks may service them, a partner who understands their specific financial needs and denominational loan requirements can be quite helpful throughout the process. Our team of credentialed finance professionals is experienced in this niche industry and is able to keep closing costs minimal and rates competitive.


While you might not think the loan services have anything to do with your personal planning, investing, and giving needs, we hope you will take pride in the fact that your financial service company is doing our part to remove barriers to church growth through our loan services. We hope you will enjoy the ministry highlight stories in this newsletter.


Mark Olson

President & CEO

** Please note that the Free Methodist Investment and Loan Fund only provides loans for churches and ministries in the Free Methodist denomination. It does not offer personal loans or ministry loans outside the denomination.



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