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Loan Fund Ministry Highlight - Brooklyn, NY Update

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

On Sunday, September 17, 2023, the Free Methodist Church in Brooklyn, New York joyously celebrated the dedication of their new facility. Following months of unwavering dedication in converting the space from a cabinet shop into a sacred place of worship, this accomplishment stands as a truly remarkable milestone in their ministry. Representatives from the Acts 12:24 Conference and FM Financial were present at the celebration.

The newly renovated area encompasses 4,500 square feet, marking a significant improvement from their previous 1,500 square feet of rented space. It's the realization of the dream envisioned by Rev. Joseph N. Pierre, whose sons, Widmarc Pierre and Evans Pierre, both bi-vocational pastors, now lead the congregation. The passion and unwavering commitment of the church's leadership team serve as an inspiration.

This expansion significantly increases the church's capacity to engage with and serve their local community. All credit and gratitude go to God for His extraordinary provision that continues to fuel His work in Brooklyn, New York. We express our heartfelt thanks to the Lord for this truly remarkable achievement and for allowing FM Financial to play a small part.



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