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Planning | Investing | Giving

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

FM Financial offers a full range of services to individuals and organizations in the areas of planning, investing, and giving. What truly sets us apart is that everything we do is motivated by biblical stewardship principles. Join us as we explore these areas together in future articles!


FM Financial has the privilege of walking besides individuals and families to help them chart a course toward their financial future. Our subsidiary, GuideStream Financial, includes financial planners who have a joy of helping clients create a financial plan to encompass their investing, saving, giving, and retirement goals. FM Financial also provides estate planning. This critical step involves purposefully planning what happens to all your financial “stuff” when you pass away so you can provide for the people and ministries that matter most to you. Many of you have walked this planning road with us and to you we want to say THANK YOU! We are humbled by the opportunities we’ve had this year to get to know you, hear your stories, and witness God’s goodness in your lives. We are grateful for YOU!


When we generally talk about investing, most of us think of financial accounts and portfolios. While this is one area we can invest in, there are other areas that deserve our attention like – career, family, church, friends, and health to name a few. In the articles ahead, we will explore ideas and topics related to all areas of investing our time, talent and treasure … not just financial accounts and portfolios. However, given all the recent turmoil in the markets and economy this year, we think it important to share a quote from one of the greatest investors of all times, Warren Buffett. He says, “The most important quality for an investor is temperament, not intellect.” The panicked investor, regardless of intellect, will make more mistakes than a patient investor who understands the purpose for their investing. It is a timeless statement and one we believe to be critically important for the successful investor.


Many people can fondly recall growing up with a vegetable garden. Parents have long used gardens to teach children the values of planting seeds, tending the seedlings with care, exercising patience, and finally experiencing the harvest of God’s blessings. Gardens also teach generosity. In fact, gardeners are some of the most generous people as they share the bounty of the harvest with those around them. At FM Financial, we have the privilege of listening to what God is calling others to do as they share the bounty of all God has blessed them with. Has God blessed you with something unique? How is He calling you to steward this blessing? These next few weeks are significant as we finish 2022. We would be honored to hear your story and help you leave a legacy of giving.



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