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Stewardship Well Done Journey: Giving

You may have noticed there is not a particular “giving” waypoint on the Stewardship Well Done Journey. That is because we believe giving is an important part of the entire journey. Let’s look specifically at how giving interacts with each waypoint:

1 – Priorities – as you set your priorities, consider where giving fits in. Is it a high priority? Does it align with a faith priority? Is it a low priority right now that you hope to focus on in the future?

2 – Budget – if you don’t put in a line item for giving, it is not likely to happen. Be as intentional with giving in your budget as you are with paying your energy bill.

3 – Essential Documents – As you consider how your assets might be distributed at the end of your life, think about ways you can leave a gift for the ministries that were important to you during your lifetime.

4 – Emergencies – by having an emergency fund and the appropriate level of insurance, you will be prepared when the unexpected arises and not interrupt your giving plan.

5 – Retirement – there are specific incentives the IRS has included to use retirement funds when giving after you are age 70 ½. You can also consider naming a ministry that is important to you as one of the beneficiaries on your retirement accounts.

6 – Debt – even as you work diligently to pay off your consumer debt, we believe God honors your obedience to return what already belongs to Him through giving.

7 – Save – is there an extraordinary giving goal God has put on your heart? Be intentional about saving toward that goal.

8 – Plan – as you put all the waypoints of the journey together, be sure to let your financial adviser know of any giving goals you have so they can be worked into your plan.

9 – Legacy – as you consider what part of your legacy finances will play, there are tax-wise strategies for giving that can maximize the impact of your gift.

The discipline of giving keeps your heart in the right place regarding your finances. As you continue your personal Stewardship Well Done Journey, we encourage you to include giving all along the way.



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