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Ministry Highlight: Revelation Church in Bozrah, CT

Updated: Dec 19, 2022


Interview with Matt Grohocki, Lead Pastor of Revelation Church in Bozrah, CT by Light + Life

Who are the people Revelation Church is reaching?

People who are far from God that have experienced radical transformation through Christ; there’s been so many stories of that. The Lord’s provided people who have opened up avenues to people that probably wouldn’t even consider the church as an option. We’ve just seen story upon story upon story. Whether it be through single moms, broken marriages, or people who have been suicidal or drug-addicted, it just doesn’t make a difference. He’s done a tremendous amount of work in a short amount of time.

Is a high-profile setting needed for growth?

The myth of “location, location, location” is really garbage when the Lord’s involved. If you came to our location in Bozrah, sometimes your GPS doesn’t get you where you need to be, but people keep showing up week after week.

How did you find your current property?

I really ran into a barrier of “I feel like we’re forcing our hand to find a location,” so we just paused and I said, “I’m not looking anymore. We’re just going to wait for the Lord to show us what we need to do. A month later, one of our church members brought in a manila folder and threw it on my desk and said, “You’re going to want to look at this.” It was paperwork for a closed auction for a Boy Scout camp that was literally 1.1 miles up the road from where we were meeting at this point.

Traditional banks were not an option for a congregation without a long record of giving, but Revelation Church received a loan from FM Financial’s Free Methodist Investment & Loan Fund. The church closed on the loan in February 2015 and moved to the former Boy Scout camp in July 2015.

We just had our tenth anniversary of the church’s launch, and at that service, we were able to share with the church that the loan has been paid off. It’s been seven years. It was $1.4 million in the beginning, and it is $0 right now.



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