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Loan Fund Ministry Highlight: FMC in Brooklyn, NY

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Planted by Rev. Joseph N. Pierre almost 30 years ago, the Free Methodist Church of Bethlehem has been meeting in a 1,500 square foot rented space with one room. Over the last 12 years, this congregation of around 250 has been on a journey to fulfill a dream of Rev. Pierre to own their own space. Many opportunities were explored, but property in Brooklyn, New York, is very expensive.

This past fall, a property was identified that will creatively fulfill Rev. Pierre’s dream. This former warehouse space will become the congregation’s new home. They will occupy 4500 square feet, allowing them to develop a sanctuary, as well as classroom space for children’s ministry. Rent of the remainder of the building to various tenants will cover a majority of their monthly payments.

Today, Widmarc Pierre and Evans Pierre, sons of Rev. Joseph N. Pierre (who passed away from COVID), are seeing their father’s dream come to life. They are both bi-vocational pastors who now lead the congregation. Joshua Adams, Vice President of the Free Methodist Investment and Loan Fund, and FM Financial board member, Larry Roberts, recently met with the brothers along with leadership from the conference and local church for a site visit to the new property. The passion and commitment of the church’s leadership team and the partnership with the Acts 12:24 conference was inspiring. All glory to God for His unique provision for His continued work in Brooklyn, New York!

Church, Conference, and FMLF Leadership



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