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Stewardship Well Done Journey - Priorities

The first waypoint on the Stewardship Well Done Journey is PRIORITIESdetermine what life priorities matter most.

Does that surprise you? Often the foundational step regarding finances is creating a budget. However, at FM Financial, we believe it is essential to begin with the end in mind. It is hard to make a roadmap if you don’t know where you are going. Defining your life priorities, and keeping them in mind as you visit all the waypoints on the Stewardship Well Done Journey, keeps you focused on what is important. Simply put, your priorities will inform every other step of your journey.

Keep in mind that your priorities can be broad categories such as faith, family, and friends, or can be more specific like honoring God, leading my family, and caring for people. You will likely have smaller goals along the way, but each goal will speak to a specific priority.

When was the last time you deliberately thought about or wrote out your life priorities? If you are married, have you talked about them with your spouse? If you have previously listed your life priorities, how are you doing? Would someone be able to guess your priorities based on how you spend your time and money? The answers to these questions are a HUGE step forward on your personal Stewardship Well Done Journey.



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